AMD Kabini SoC ITX Mainboard Feature Matrix

This is an overview about the current available embedded and non embedded ITX mainboards with AMDs 2nd generation of low power APUs “Kabini” G-Series. This is not the AM1 socket platform that was introduced in 2014, theses Kabini APUs are directly soldered on the mainboard (BGA). The feature matrix covers the mainboards in the list below:

  • ECS KBN-I/2100
  • ECS KBN-I/5200
  • AsRock IMB-A180
  • AsRock IMB-A180H
  • AsRock KA-5200-ITX
  • Fujitsu D3313-S1
  • Fujitsu D3313-S2
  • Fujitsu D3313-S3
  • Asus XS-A
  • Sapphire IPC-FT3GT2
  • Sapphire IPC-FT3GS


AMD Kabini Mainboard feature matrix

All detailed information are available in the following pdf file:

AMD Kabini itx mainboard feature matrix pdf

Comments and corrections in case of errors are welcome.


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