5th Gen. Core Desktop and Mobile “Broadwell” H-Series CPUs release

After the initial release of Intel”s “Broadwell” CPU in form of the Mobile U-Series in January the release in June 2015 includes the first “Broadwell” based Desktop H-Series CPU and the H-Series Mobile CPU. The desktop H-Series “Broadwell” includes the top graphics Iris Pro 6200 with eDRAM for all available models. Compared to the U-Series the H-Series for both Desktop and Mobile need an additional PCH (chipset) to work.

5th Gen. Core Desktop “Broadwell” H-Series

  • i7-5775C
  • i7-5775R
  • i5-5675C
  • i5-5675R
  • i5-5575R

5th Gen. Core Mobile “Broadwell” H-Series

  • i7-5950HQ
  • i7-5850HQ
  • i7-5750HQ
  • i7-5700HQ
  • I5-5350H

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