AMDs first time public ES Zen “Summit Ridge” demo

In the history of Intel’s Developer Forum (IDF) AMD is always presenting new products close to the IDF in a hotel. This time AMD had a nice surprise because it was the first official demo of a Zen “Summit Ridge” Engineering Sample clocked at 3 GHz. Mark Papermaster revealed some new information about the Zen architecture. Also surprising was the comparison of the 8 Core Zen ES on the new AM4 platform with an Intel Broadwell-E CPU by using the Blender CPU Render Benchmark. The Zen ES finished the benchmark slightly faster than the Intel part. The 2nd chip that was presented was the 32 Core ZEN Server chip “Naples” in a two socket server mainboard.

AMD Summit Ridge 8 Core IDF
AMD Summit Ridge 8 Core IDF

For more technical information and slides check the link below.

[1] – AMD Zen Summit Ridge Details
[2] – AMD Zen Server CPU “Naples”

Update: Hot Chips 2016
On 23th of August Michael Clark presented the Zen architecture with more technical details in his session “A New, High Performance x86 Core Design from AMD”. An audio record of this session is available on youtube – The AMD Zen Technical Briefing.


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