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AMD’s Financial Analyst Day 2017

This years financial analyst day had more product previews and launches than any before. Even the AMD Crew now had 6 speaker compared to 4 in the last year. The big news on this day was the introduction of the Server Epyc CPU code name “Napples” (32 Cores 64 Threads). This also means that good known Opteron brand is now history. Another highlight was the introduction of the upcoming premium desktop CPU AMD Ryzen 9 Threadripper (16 Cores 32 Threads). In the 2nd half of the year is also the launch of the Ryzen Mobile APUs with integrated Vega Graphics.

Upcoming AMD Ryzen 16 Ccres 32 Threads Threadripper
Upcoming AMD Ryzen 9 with 16 Ccres 32 Threads Threadripper

Launch Dates:

  • 2H17 AMD Ryzen 3 Desktop
  • Summer 2017 AMD Ryzen 9 Threadripper
  • 2H17 AMD Epyc Server CPU
  • 2H17 AMD Ryzen Consumer Mobile
  • 2H17 AMD Ryzen Pro Commercial Desktop
  • 1H18 AMD Ryzen Pro Commercial Mobile

6th Gen. AMD Mobile A-Series “Carrizo” release

In June 2015 AMD released the 6th Gen. Mobile A-Series “Carrizo” APUs. This high effency Mobile APU features new Excavator CPU cores and a new Radeon GPU with 3rd Gen. GCN based on “Tonga” which is the first one that is 100% compatible with HSA 1.0.
In 2015 the Mobile first release of CPU/APUs was true for both Intel and AMD. Intel started with the Mobile “Broadwell” U-Series in January and then Desktop version was just released in June. AMD will most likely release the Desktop version of the Carrizo APU in 2016.
All new Mobile A-Series “Carrizo” APU models have 4 CPU Cores and a cTDP from 12W-35W.

6th Gen. AMD Mobile A-Series “Carrizo”

  • FX-8800P
  • A10-8700P
  • A8-8600P